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Freshly squeezed: Make Lemonade opens its doors

Introducing Make Lemonade, a new design forward co-workspace* for women

*An environment to dream, create, and get. sh*t. done.

My-oh-my! We have been working behind-the-scenes (PR strategy, Instagram planning, content shooting, event planning) with founder Rachel Kelly on this game-changing workspace model for several months now, and the day is finally here: Make Lemonade is now open.

Less about fruit. More about makin' magic.

Welcome to Make Lemonade, where the coffee is strong, the lighting is bright, and phone calls can be made without worrying who might be making a racket beside you. Located in Toronto's downtown core, the 3,000sq. ft. space - adorned with murals, palm print wallpaper, and colourful accents - offers up a serious dose of inspiration for freelancers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. Designed by Toronto firm MMNT Design, the space features several thoughtful working spaces from hot desks and phone booths to a private boardroom and an indoor patio.

Photography: Cameron Bartlett, Ruby Social Co.

I created Make Lemonade because as a freelancer, the struggle of not having a home-base was real.
I was tired of hopping from coffee shop to coffee shop with dodgy wifi and limited seating. My mission was to create an office space that lived inside my imagination.
— Founder, Rachel Kelly


Step into a community of women-identified people working hard to turn their goals into reality. The saying goes, "empowered women empower women." Nonetheless, Make Lemonade is thrilled to have your man-identified colleague pop in for meetings and events.


Make Lemonade is committed to treating all people with respect, dignity and fairness. We welcome people of all backgrounds, are LGBTQ+ friendly, and encourage everyone to be themselves. This is not a space where sexist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, classist or otherwise discriminatory language is welcome. In other words: no bad vibes.


Born from the idea that creating your destiny can’t be store bought, Make Lemonade is on a mission to create a thriving community of driven women in all fields of business. Members will have access to a calendar of weekly events ranging from speaker series to cocktail hour, as well as a range of services. Click here to view membership levels and pricing.

Where to find Make Lemonade:

  1. In person at 326 Adelaide St. W., 6th Floor Penthouse, Toronto, ON
  2. On instagram via @makelemonadeco
  3. Online via the website

Yours truly,
Ashley Cassidy Seale
Founder & Creative Director

Welcome to the RSCo. family, Greenhouse Juice Co.!

We are so happy to announce our new relationship with the incredible team at Greenhouse Juice Co.!

We welcome the brand to our client roster, working with co-founders (and now, authors) Emma Knight and Hana James on the launch of their very first cookbook, The Greenhouse Cookbook

The book hits shelves on April 4th via Penguin Random House and we couldn't be more excited. As longtime GHJC lovers, this is a bit of a dream project, yes yes. We'll be helping out with a national media tour across Canada, as well as lots of fun events along the way (stay tuned for an events calendar, we would love to meet you in your city!).

A bit about the book . . .

A softcover tome with handsome flaps and 288 pages brimming with colour photographs, The Greenhouse Cookbook is a lovingly crafted collection of 100 of our favourite plant-based recipes: 50 to eat with a fork, a spoon, chopsticks, or your hands, and 50 to drink from a glass. The first half includes plant-based breakfasts, lunches, dinners, bites, and desserts created with the hope of making it simple, satisfying, and delicious for more of us to eat more plants, more often. The second half gives away all of our secret sauces: our juice, smoothie, nut milk, and tonic recipes! Yes, even Rococoa! We’ve adapted them for DIY (”Do-It-Yourself”) use, so that you can make them with any kind of juicer.

Sounds divine, doesn't it? Visit The House blog for more details. 

Happy reading/cooking/juicing/savouring!

Yours truly,
Ashley Cassidy Seale
Founder & Creative Director