Introducing: Genotique


Where nature meets nurture

In our minds, the best businesses are the ones who solve problems. Big problems. According to a recent study, the majority of Canadians (a whopping 67 per cent of us, in fact) feel rather in the dark when it comes to what to eat due to constantly changing and conflicting nutritional information. With the influence of Instagram wellness 'experts' and the rise of fad diets (it seems like there is a new 'must follow' diet every month – keto this, paleo that), we've created a food culture that's more confusing than ever. So what do we eat?  And who is solving this problem?

Enter Genotique.

We are proud to be working with Genotique, a Toronto-based health sciences startup doing seriously cool and important things. Today, we're launching their new DNA-based nutrition and fitness advice programs for individuals. Their goal? To provide clarity through a truly innovative and personalized approach – because if we can all agree on anything, it's that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to eating (and eating well). 

Genotique starts at the molecular level to identify genetic variations influencing each individual’s response to food. Founded by a Health Scientist and a Registered Dietitian, Genotique works with a simple DNA test and analyzes the results to provide a tailored plan of action.

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When people ask us the question ‘what should I eat,’ the answer is not black and white. We start with biology by using your DNA as the backbone for our nutritional guidance. We know on an intuitive level different people respond differently to the foods and beverages they consume, but Genotique takes this to the next level by using genetic data to provide concrete and actionable dietary advice.
— Sheri Maltais, Co-founder, Nutrition Director, and Registered Dietitian

The Genotique Experience.

Knowing your genotype can empower you to make better choices tailored to you about your diet and fitness.

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From a comprehensive DNA test we analyze genetic variants affecting nutrient metabolism, taste perception and ingestive behaviours, macronutrient sensitivity, adverse food reactions, exercise performance, recovery needs and injury risk.
— Dr. Aylia Mohammadi, PhD, Co-founder and Scientific Director
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Based on this analysis, Genotique packages the information for each individual by integrating health and diet history, goals, food psychology, biofeedback, exercise behaviour, and lifestyle – everything that formulates your nutritional identity but is ignored by a generalized approach.

Finally, Genotique makes this information actionable by providing one-on-one nutritional counselling with a myGTQ dietitian using its HIPAA compliant health coaching app or video consultation.

Genotique offers a range of programs to suit every need, from the curious individual looking for personalized guidance to the athlete looking to optimize performance and achieve fitness goals.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is sanity, too. 

Yours truly,
Ashley Cassidy Seale
Founder & Creative Director