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I’ve worked with Ashley many times over my eTalk span of over a decade and I have to say Ashley is a standout! She’s focused, hard-working and wait for it... kind, which might I add is a rarity in the industry we work in.
— Sasha Tong, Producer, eTalk

We’re a start-up, and from the beginning we have focused nearly all of our resources on production —so it took us a good three years to invest in any kind of PR. But when we published The Greenhouse Cookbook with Penguin Random House in the spring of 2017, we knew it was time to find the right person to help us spread the word. Ashley understood our needs (and our qualms) immediately. She jumped right in, and with very little time to prepare, worked with us and the Penguin team to plan a successful, 6-city national book tour including TV and radio spots, press interviews, and a series of unique events that reflect our brand. She is a joy to work with—flexible, industrious, meticulous, and very lovely in every way—and we look forward to embarking on many more exciting projects together in the future!
— Emma Knight, Co-founder and Marketing Director, Greenhouse Juice Co.

Working with Ashley is a breeze! She’s professional, prompt and has a sense of style that jived well with my brand. I couldn’t imagine how the launch of Make Lemonade would have gone without the support of Ruby Social Co. The media response exceeded what I was anticipating, I learned tips and tricks to help with my social media strategy, and I made a lot of valuable connections thanks to Ashley. If you’re looking for someone who has their ear to the ground, has clever ideas and is a joy to work with, then, isn’t a no-brainer, Ashley is your gal.
— Rachel Kelly, Owner, Make Lemonade

Ruby Social Co. is a huge part of our success! Ashley and her team have been an instrumental part in creating the ALWAYS x ALWAYS brand from ground up, communicating our vision in ways we were unable to. The team completely captured the brand’s tone of voice through copywriting, brand positioning, and social strategy. She helped us reach not only the Canadian market but the US through her network and relationships with top tier American media outlets.
We appreciate her ongoing commitment to connect not just any brands, but ones she is really passionate about. This comes through in the success of anything and everything she touches!
— Lisa Ho, Founder & Designer, ALWAYS x ALWAYS
Ashley’s content comes across as extremely relatable and engaging—exactly what we want to give our audience. What I loved most about working with Ashley is simply that she’s a pleasure to work with. Professional, prompt, and above all I trust that her content will be outstanding. Can’t wait to work with her again!
— Shani Silver, Digital Director, Domino Magazine

Ashley is a pleasure to work with, always delivering key information clearly and concisely, hosting media events that are thoughtful and informative, and responding to emails in a timely, professional and courteous manner. Most importantly, I appreciate that she is always genuine, cheerful, and friendly in all her interactions, with me as well as others from what I could see.
— Mishal Cazmi, Beauty Editor, Hello! Magazine

Ashley is a true delight and an absolute pleasure to work with! She helps brings the best out of your brand and makes your hard work shine bright.
— Katelyn Wood, Founder + Designer, Love. Luck. Kisses & Cake

Ashley has always perfectly balanced professionalism and being personally engaged - that is a rare talent in public relations.
— Emma Yardley, Columnist, The Toronto Star