a creative studio for clever brands · communications. content. event design.

 we’re not an agency.

we’re part of your team –
expertise that feels in-house, with all the benefits of outside perspective.

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  our approach.

where creativity and clarity intersect

people trust us

With their brands, with their story, with their growth. And we take that kind of thing seriously – it’s why we’re so selective about the clients we work with. Above all we champion integrity. We want to be 100 per cent behind the work you’re doing or the product you’re launching, not just because you’re paying us to care, but because we do care. The media trusts us, too – they know when we come to them we have a story worth telling. We’re in the business of reputation and our relationships are everything.

we’re blue sky TYPES

Bring us a problem and we’ll find a solution.

we look at things critically

Growth happens when you commit to change. That’s why you’re hiring us – for our fresh eyes. We don’t shy away from constructive criticism, if it will help get you to where you want to be. Sometimes it’s about elevating your strategy, while other times it’s about taking a step back.


Your needs are unique, we get that. Which is why we don’t do packages. Instead, we approach each project with a new perspective. This means our fees are completely transparent and never padded. We’re flexible. Need a little of this, and a bit of that? No problem.

we love what we do

We created Ruby Social Co. with a whole lot of heart. We’re business owners too. We love the work we do, and we work with clients we love.


 we’ve landed our clients in…

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we are proud to work with the most incredible brands + entrepreneurs

clients past + present…

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